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  Playlists for 19th & 26th December 2010
Artist Song  
  Review of the year - Part 1 19th December 2010  
Cherry Lee Mewis Southbound Train n/a
Matt Schofield On My Way buy
Big Gilson Messiah Will Come Again n/a
Big Blue Purple Haze n/a
Ana Popovic Statsboro Blues n/a
Clare Free She's An Evil Woman buy
Diana Braithwaite & Chris Whiteley Cool cat n/a
Joanne Shaw Taylor Same As It Never Was buy
Marcus Malone Blue Radio buy
Nigel Bagge Band  Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind n/a
Oli Brown I Can Make Your Day buy
MoonDogs Baby, Please Don't Go buy
Little Toby Walker El Whipping Post n/a
Review of the year - Part 2 26th December 2010  
Larry Miller Unfinished Business Buy
Hamilton Loomis Best Worst Day n/a
Lightnin' Willie Learnin' The Blues Buy
Lewis Cohen Ain't Like Me Buy
Blue Bishops Credit Card n/a
Walk Hards Livewire n/a
The Jives Oreo Cookie Blues n/a
Phil Astles Band Walking By Myself n/a
Robin Bibi Sonesta Stomp Buy
Storm Warning Nothing But Smoke Buy
Ian Parker w/ Morg Morgan Lovers & Friends n/a
Dani Wilde Where The Blues Begins Buy
Grapevine Blues Band Back To The Chicken Shack n/a
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