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12 midnight
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Playlist for 4th August 2016

Artist Song  
Andy Gunn Band The Struie Boogie  
Blues Spiders European Blues  
Chantel McGregor Lose Control  
Daniel Smith Some Sunny Day  
Hot Tin Roof Darkest Day  
Jeremiah Marques  Sitting On Top Of The World  
Robin Bibi No More A Secret  
Matt Edwards Band Miles And Miles  
Laurence Jones Band Live It Up  
Mike Ross Bamboozled  
Debbie Bond Remedy  
Mighty Bosscats Ask The Bossman  
Kris Barras Band Small Town Blues  
HOUR 2  
Debbie Bond I Am The Blues  
Troy Redfern Band Running With Ghosts  
Doug MacLeod Rosa Lee  
Booga Red Step It Up And Go  
Stompin' Dave Allen Stompin' Guitar Boogie  
Robin Bibi Fast Lanes Busy   
Mississippi MacDonald & The Cottonmouth Kings Black Snake Brown  
Salvation Jayne Black Eyes  
Paul Lamb & The Kingsnakes Mystery Train  
Kaz Hawkins Band It Ain't You  
Big Joe Bone I Got A Lady  
Tim Hain Band Wind Cries Mary  
Martin McNeill Pickin' The Blues