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Playlist for 6th June 2019

Artist Song


Hour 1    
Cinelli Brothers Back Door Man Babe Please Set Your Alarm
Luke Doherty Band Square Peg Round Hole Night & Day
Dave Thomas Band Subaru Blues Live at the Fat Cat
Lil' Jimmy Reed Hoochie Coochie Man Live In Calgary!
Railroad Run Through The Jungle Delivers The Goods
Catfish Archangel Burning Bridges
Gerry Jablonski & The Electric Band Blues Power Live Trouble
The Headhunters Blues Band Who's Coming Down That Road Back From The Delta
Voodoo Sheiks Tunnel Vision Unstoppable
Worried Men Might Have Been The Dominators
Chantel McGregor Walk On Land Lose Control
Hour 2
Lol Goodman Band  Still Got A Place Scruddy & The Healing Sun
Jack J Hutchinson I Got Your Number Paint No Fiction
The Rumblestrutters Hubbly Bubbly Prohibition Blues
Raphael Callaghan Don't Let The Devil Drive Said And Done
Rich Turner  I Ain't Blind Coming From My Kitchen
Jimmie Vaughan Silly Dilly Woman Baby, Please Come Home
Lightnin’ Willie & The Poor Boys Couldn't Do Nothin' Couldn't Do Nothin'
Eddie Martin Mississippi Sound Black White And Blue
Andy Twyman I Eat Pot Noodle with A Plastic Fork Live
Ian Siegal Sweet Souvenir All The Rage
Niall Kelly Polly May Promenade
Norman Beaker Band Just Stay Blue Staying Blue
Chris Corcoran Trio Back At The Shack Listen Up!