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Playlist for 9th October 2011

Artist Song  
Blue On Black Black Cadillac  
Alex McKown Band Crossing Boundaries  
Slim Chance One For The Road  
Cherry Lee Mewis Southbound Train  
Marcus Bonfanti Tweed Blazer  
Big Boy Bloater  Double Whammy  
Dave Arcari Parcel Of Rogues  
The Big Blue Crosscut Saw  
Debbie Giles' Midnight Train Tangled & Dark  
Incredible Blues Puppies Chilled Down To The Bone  
Grapevine Blues Band Mickey's Shuffle  
Kent DuChaine 16 Gauge Steel  
Larry Miller Band Gamblers Hill  
Gerry Jablonski Band Kos  
Nimmo Brothers Al's Boogie  
Chantel McGregor Fabulous  

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