Every Thursday

Playlist for 13th April 2017

Artist Song  
Della Grants Greed To Feed  
Ash Wilson Out Of Time  
Dan Patlansky Backbite  
Shortstuff Honeybabe  
Toriah Fontaine Sleeping On The Wrong Side  
Zoe Schwarz Blue Commotion Hold On  
Krissy Matthews Band Feeling For The Blues  
Laurence Jones Band I Will  
Mick Pini Jumping  
Erja Lyytinen Silver Stones  
Fran McGillivray & Mike Burke Researching The Blues  
Sinnerboy Tatoo'd Lady  
Nigel Bagge Band Am I Losing You  
Hour 2  
Joe Bonamassa Travellin South  
King King Waking Up  
Laura Holland Dare I Believe  
Mike Ross Devils Right Hand  
Sean Webster Band You Can Say  
LaVendore Rogue The Way It Goes...Sometimes  
Dr. Feelgood Route 66  
Dan Owen Little Red Rooster  
The Rumblestrutters Stealin' Stealin  
Troy Redfern Band Walls Are Falling  
Walklate & Fuschi Money  
Paul Lamb & Chad Strenz The Under Dog  
Billy Walton Band Hudson County Star