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Playlist for 14th August 2011

Artist Song  
Blue Bishops Blues Stand In Line  
Danny Bryant Play To Win, (Born To Lose)  
Vinyl Night @ Belle Vue (3rd Wed) Tight Sweaters & Polka Dot Skirts  
44 Pistol  Train I Ride  
Lewis Cohen Guitar Rag  
Souped Up Fords Nadine  
Hamsters Chevrolet  
Piccadilly Bulfrogs Don't Hold Back  
Brock & The Badgers Back To The Start  
Paul Poulton Project Reader's Digest  
Rhythm Zoo Crazy Kitten Blues  
Nigel Bagge Band Lincoln Town  
Split Whiskers High Heeled Sneakers  
Steve French Band Dead Man Walking  
Big Boy Bloater & The Limits Double Whammy  
Alex McKown I Ain't Right  
Paul Cox That's What We Were Born For  

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