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Playlist for 15th June 2023

Artist Song


Hour 1    
Joanne Shaw Taylor Three Time Loser Blues From The Heart Live
Cinelli Brothers Make You Mine No Country For Bluesmen
The 251's Jacqueline 'Bout Time
The Blues Against Youth Goin' To Chicago As The Tide Gets High And Low
Hard Stairs To The Bone Bigger Blues
Tom 'Harpo' Walker We Got Lost Bruised Heart Blues
Kaz Hawkins Get The Jack From The Bottle Until We Meet Again
Dale Storr Boogie For Tuts Live @ Nottingham Theatre Royal
Paul Cowley My Kinda Girl Stroll Out West
Pete Harris & Jon Vaughan Baby Please Don't Go Pay Some Attention
The Mustangs Beautiful Sleeper Just Passing Through
Sam Kelly’s Station House Trippin' Over The Wire No Barricades
Worried Men Frigid Air The Dominators
Hour 2
Marcus Malone Ashes To Dust Ashes To Dust  EP
Bad Influence Fly Closer
Big Dez Lucky Devil Lazy Star
SpikeDrivers One Careful Owner Across The Water
Supernatural Man of the World Live At The Eel Pie Club
Robin Bibi No More A Secret No More A Secret
Blues Boy Kings King Of The Blues Back On The Blues
Zoe Schwarz Blue Commotion Broken Heart Blues Good Times Reissue
Brooks Williams King of California Work My Claim
Chantel McGregor Walk On Land Lose Control
Jared James Nichols Easy Come, Easy Go Jared James Nichols
Dave Speight I Woke Up This Morning The Blues Show
Martin McNeill When The Rains Came Sweet Soul Slide