Every Thursday

Playlist for 16th March 2017

Artist Song  
Geoff Achison I'm Gonna Ride  
Eddie Martin I've Lost My Phone  
Ian Siegal Green Power  
John Cee Stannard and Blues Horizon Right Back At The Start  
Marcus Malone Band Feelin' Bad Blues  
Lachy Doley Get It While You Can  
Danny Bryant Sugar Sweet  
Booga Red Darktown Strutters' Ball  
Nine Below Zero I Wanna Know  
Kaz Hawkins Band Feelin' Good  
Nigel Bagge w/ Eddie Armer Good Morning Blues  
Rag Mama Rag Jim Canans  
Robin Bibi Band No Label On Me  
Hour 2  
Big Boy Bloater Stop Draggin' Me Back  
Broken Witt Rebels Georgia Pine  
Sari Schorr & The Engine Room Cat & Mouse  
Maz Mitrenko So Long Chicago  
Catfish Never Go Back  
Teresa Watson Band Leap Of Faith  
Saiichi Sugiyama Somewhere Down The Road  
Paul Lamb & The Kingsnakes Quit That Woman  
Mudslide Morris & the Revelators Give Me Back My Wig  
Fran McGillivray & Mike Burke Walk With The Wolf  
Jack J Hutchinson The River Cries  
Built For Comfort You Burned Me  
Martin Harley and Daniel Kimbro Mean Old City - Part 2