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Playlist for 18th August 2016

Artist Song  
Troy Redfern Band It Stacks  
Blues Business Rollin' & Tumblin'  
Worried Men Further On Up The Road  
Elles Bailey Who Am I To Be  
Jeremiah Marques  Heavy Load  
Robin Bibi (Drowning In) Muddy Waters  
Salvation Jayne I'll Be Damned  
Tom Walker Trio Stranger's Face  
Mike Ross Band Harpo  
Tim Hain Band Old Blues Man  
Catfish Little By Little  
John Verity Prove Your Love  
HOUR 2  
Debbie Bond Humble Pie  
Lewis Hamilton Iceberg Blues  
Jack J Hutchinson How Blue Can You Get  
Zoe Schwarz Blues Get Off My Shoulder  
Deep Blue Sea Tainted Love  
Mississippi MacDonald & The Cottonmouth Kings Ain't Nobody's Business  
Mike Ross The Big Picture  
John Verity Spoonful  

Yoka & The SugarBeats

On A Day Like This  
Grapevine Blues Messin With The Kid  
Blues Spiders Women, Whisky & Blues  
Martin McNeill Pickin' The Blues