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Playlist for 18th August 2022

Artist Song


Hour 1    
Andy Taylor Group Drifting Days Drifting Days
Big River The Long Way Beautiful Trauma EP
Chicago 9 Rhythm & Blues Band  Champagne Sugar Your Own
Sam Kelly's Station House In-City Blues No Barricades
Dave Thomas Pretty In Pink Road To The Blues
The JuJubes Crocodile Raging Moon
Stevie Watts Organ Trio Camden Starling Live At Peggy's Skylight
Debbie Bond Let Me Be Blues Without Borders
Kaz Hawkins Full Force Gale My Life & I
The Achievers  Qualities The Lost Arc
Eddy Smith & The 507 Minnesota Part One
Dale Storr Radiatin' The 88's Live @ Nottingham Theatre Royal
Brian Rawson Band Your Heart's Not Your Own single 2022
Nigel Bagge Band Am I Losing You Didn't Plan My Route Here
Hour 2
Gerry Jablonski Trouble With The Blues Trouble With The Blues
James Oliver Band Goofin' Around Live At The Earl Haig
Jack Blackman No Silver Lining Cold Trails EP
Dan Burnett Happiest Man Alive Live (and then some)
Cinelli Bros So Far So Good No Country For Bluesmen
Claude Bourbon Worried Life Blues The Fifth
Tommy Allen Texas Love Nature's Most Wanted
The Milk Men Go Go Baby Spin The Bottle
Krissy Matthews Carry You Pizza Man Blues
Robert Hokum In Trouble Again Why The Hell Wasn't I Born Rich
Hoosen Maguire Brighter Day single 2020
Howlin' Mat Crossroad Blues The Outsider
Catfish So Many Roads So Many Roads
Connor Selby Emily Connor Selby