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Playlist for 23rd June 2016

Artist Song  
Billy Walton Band Worried Blues  
Blue Horizon Walking Out On You  
Booga Red Key To The Highway  
Robin Bibi Band In Too Deep  
The Della Grants Too Fast  
The Rainbreakers All I Got  
Cry Baby & The Hoochie Coochie Boys I Don't Believe  
Kaz Hawkins Band Don't Run Away  
Debbie Bond Humble Pie  
Dave Hanson Let It Go  
Moreland & Arbuckle Mean and Evil  
Michael Messer's Mitra Anyway The Wind Blows  
Steve Morrison Band Baby Please Don't Go  
HOUR 2  
Buddy Guy Poison Ivy  
Billy Walton Band Blues Comes A Knockin'  

Hitman Blues Band w/ Horns

Green Thing  
Kaz Hawkins Band Feelin' Good  
Kris Barras Band I Got Time  
The Bluesbones Find Me A Woman  
Debbie Bond Wishbone  
Dave Hanson Blind Faith  
Lol Goodman Band I Just Wanna Say  
The Della Grants Fairground Soul  
Moreland & Arbuckle Take Me With You  
Martin McNeill and Steve Weston Pickin' The Blues