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Playlist for 26th May 2016

Artist Song  
The Rainbreakers Ain't Nothing Goin' On  
The Mentulls Reflections  
Ma Polaine's Great Decline Japanese Knotweed  
Husky Tones Give Me Love  
Kyla Brox 365  
Matt Andersen I'm Giving In  
Matt Edwards This Year  
Aynsley Lister Band Soundman  
Bonnie Raitt Shakin' Shakin' Shakes  
Dave Hanson Blind Faith  
Catfish Never Make A Move Too Soon  
Albany Down Revolution  
HOUR 2  
Bonnie Raitt Need You Tonight  
Lewis Hamilton Sticks & Stones  
Mat Walklate & Paulo Fushci Goin' Down Slow  
Kareña K Band Light At The End Of The Tunnel  
The Mentulls I Can't Slow Down  
Will Johns All That Glitters  
Kyla Brox Choose Me  
Kaz Hawkins Band It Ain't You  
BabaJack Skin & Bone  
Dave Arcari Still Friends  
Son Maxwell’s Shufflepack Killing Floor  
Chris Bevington & Friends 61 & 49  
Martin McNeill Pickin' The Blues