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Playlist for 27th February 2011

Artist Song  
Bad Influence Fly e-quote
Erja Lyytinen Dissatisfaction buy now
Clare Free Band She's An Evil Woman buy now
Dani Wilde Band Miss You buy now
Skin The Cat Alright, OK You Win n/a
Pearl Handled Revolver Today Was The Day e-quote
Barcodes Checkin' On My Baby e-quote
Robin Bibi Band Sonesta Stomp buy now
Paint It Blue Soon I'll Be Gone e-quote
Motel 6 Nadine n/a
The Mustangs Looking Down The Well e-quote
Marcus Bonfanti  Devil Girl buy now
Bex Marshall Hothead Man e-quote
SpikeDrivers My Rooster Stopped Crowing e-quote
Jay Tamkin Band Got A New Reason (Tk2) buy now

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