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12 midnight
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Playlist for 29th April 2016

Artist Song  
HOUR 1    
Alex McKown Morning Light  
Lewis Hamilton Sticks & Stones  
Midnite Blue High Noon Rising  
Safehouse Coming Alive  
Ben Poole Stay At Mine  
Stevie Nimmo Change  
Kyla Brox 365  
Jamie Williams & The Roots Collective Peas In A Pod  
Aynsley Lister Band Insatiable  
Son Maxwell’s Shufflepack & Guests Calling Card  
Booga Red Dead Man Walkin'  
Martin McNeill Pickin' The Blues  
HOUR 2  
Black Circles Left Behind  
Laurence Jones Band Touch Your Moonlight  
Ben Poole Let's Go Upstairs  
Stevie Nimmo Running On Back To You  
Mark Harrison Hardware Store  
Kyla Brox Road Home  
Will Johns All That Glitters  
Zoe Schwarz Blue Commotion There's Only You  
Nigel Bagge Band Am I Losing You  
Storm Warning Big Boss Man  
Dale Storr Booker Medley  
HOUR 3  
King King Crazy  
Eliza Neals and the Narcotics Sugar Daddy  
Mat Walklate & Paulo Fushci Fat Man  
Mighty Bosscats The Blues  
Booga Red Step It Up And Go  
Matt Andersen Honest Man  
The Milkmen Make Mine A Double  
Laurence Jones Band Set It Free  
Ben Poole Longing For A Woman  
Stevie Nimmo Still Hungry  
Nigel Bagge Band But It Don't Mean A Thing  
Martin McNeill Going Down South