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Playlist for 29th June 2023

Artist Song


Hour 1    
Gerry Jablonski Band Trouble With The Blues Trouble With The Blues
The Milk Men She Don't Like Rock 'N' Roll Mini Milk EP
When Rivers Meet Perfect Stranger Aces Are High
Big River Band Dont Hold Out Beautiful Trauma EP
Tom 'Harpo' Walker Ride On Bruised Heart Blues
Kaz Hawkins Get Up And Go Until We Meet Again
Hard Stairs Northshore Line Bigger Blues
Brave Rival Heart Attack Life's Machine
Dom Martin Maxwell Shuffle A Savage Life
Laurence Jones Thunder In The Sky Live at The Marshall Studio
Robin Bibi Fast Lanes Busy No More A Secret
Band Of Friends A Sense Of Freedom Repeat After Me
Chantel McGregor Walk On Land Lose Control
Hour 2
James Oliver Band Goofin Around Less Is More
John Doe Trio So Long Railroaded
Liam Ward Band Wild Places Uprising
Albert Lee Livin' It Down Road Runner
Debbie Bond Radiator Blues Without Borders
Blind Man's Bluff 5-0Bed Live
Brooks Williams Here Comes The Blues Work My Claim
Dale Storr Raise The Rafters Homecoming
Blue Nation  Strangers single 2023
Misty Blues Where Your Blues Come From Live
Martin McNeill Crazy Bout You Cat Squirrel
Max And Veronica The Mexican Dress The Mexican Dress
Worried Men Rattletake Snail The Dominators